Audrie is a recovering supermom, who now laughs at the reality of parenting and marriage (while, of course, taking them seriously).

She wears many hats: nonprofit consultant (which means she consults to nonprofits, but often for such a low price she IS nonprofit), writer, online instructor/professor of college marketing, mom to an ADHD adopted wonder kid (Mr. G) and a teen daughter (“She-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named” or SWSNBN), now in college.

In short, she’s exhausted.

Oh wait.  How can she forget? Since starting this blog, two (did we say TWO) 85-year-olds are now in her realm of responsibility–a live-in mother-in-law (no jokes, please, as this is no laughing matter) and an elderly dad living up the street.

Think of this blog as therapy.  For all of us.  And a way to share tips, insights, and anecdotes on the humor of parenting.

P.S. She may no longer be a SuperMom, but she IS a Galactic Hero!

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