Multi-tasking moms are fortunate they have a plethora of gadgets at hand these days.  Apps for scheduling, reminders, keeping in touch on the run. Apps for shopping bargains and just plain convenience. For me, my Android smartphone was a blessing.  With a decent camera, I never had to worry about missing those “gotta remember” moments because I couldn’t remember to bring the camera. 

Combine those smartphone photos moments with Twitter, Facebook and other social networking like FourSquare, and it’s a busy online mom’s dream. 

Or maybe not. 

Turns out, your smartphone could be allowing online predators to know exactly where you live and where your kids are.  This video is great investigative report on this issue. 

If you are like me, you don’t want to revert to avoiding the smartphone apps. If you use your phone for GPS directions while driving, clearly you don’t want to turn it off.  I use Google Sky Maps almost everyweek (very neat being able to instantly see what the constellations or planets are), and it requires having the GPS on my phone turned on.  

You have another option to turning off the geotagging completely.  Simply deselect the location option just for your camera. 

Check out solutions for your specific smartphone here, at

P.S.  If you have a teenager with smartphone, warn her about this as well, and perhaps double check her phone settings yourself.

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  • Audra says:

    I read about this recently. How scary! We ALMOST got smartphones recently… not that smartphones are bad at all, just that it would be yet another thing to worry about with little ones! There have been 2 attempted abductions in our area in the past week so this is really frightening.

  • Jackie says:

    Great post! I have heard about this in the past and did de-select the option on my phone, but totally forgot to tell my daughter to do this! What was I thinking–oh, I wasn’t thinking. Think I might just need to do a post about this problem on my blog.

    Thanks so much for bringing it back to my attention.


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