Hold it, Mom! If your household is like mine, you may be tripping over plastic eggs today, with kids that may have made it to church, but were fueled by a chocolate bunny ears breakfast. Yeah, I know, we turned in our supermom capes a couple of years ago.

I know you can’t wait to get all those little plastic eggs put away. Put the brakes on that for a few days. Here’s a project for this week, designed to bring the real meaning of Easter to the forefront of your activities. (Note to Grandmoms: this would be a great family tradition for you to start too). And, it gives you a jump on next year.


Resurrection Eggs:

My church staff helped my daughter make these when she was 6 or 7. The week before Easter, we’d go over each one of these eggs with the “Jesus Story” of Resurrection week at bedtime. Now 17, she cherishes this tradition. We’ve been remiss in not making a set for her younger brother (9), but that void ends today as we gather up the empty eggs.


  • An empty egg carton
  • Markers, stickers or paper to decorate the top of the egg carton
  • 12 plastic eggs, varying colors
  • Various items for inside the eggs, as listed below

Decorate (or let your kid decorate) the outside of the carton.

For inside the egg, we had used “substantive” materials. Over the years, these have been handled frequently during the weeks leading up to Easter.  The photos shown are of the original Resurrection Eggs my daughter helped make, over ten years ago. If you cannot find natural materials, use graphics and paper, but these won’t last as long.

Contents for the Eggs:

Egg #1: A cracker
Egg #2: 3 dimes
Egg #3: feather
Egg #4: thorns (from a rose or blackberry bush)
Egg #5: cross (ours is made from two twigs)
Egg #6: nail
Egg #7: dice
Egg# 8: black paper
Egg #9: sponge
Egg #10: cloth (white)
Egg #11: stone
Egg #12: EMPTY!!

I place a small, folded piece of paper in the box (usually stored in the empty egg, when we are not using the eggs). On the paper is listed the events and Biblical scripture to which the items relate. (Click on the image below for a larger version).

Now, put them together, close them up, and you are ready for next year! Enjoy starting this tradition with your family. And, if you want, you can temporarily wear a cape while revelling in your “Supermomness.”

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