I started out with the greatest intentions to raise my kids to be sophisticated.  Instill an appreciation for good food, good music. Warp ahead a few years: green and purple ketchup once graced our table and we know all the words to Spongebob songs. 

Food is a challenge in our home. We are only a family of four, but often we want four different meals.  Son can’t have food dye or sodium benzoate, but would prefer to live on hot dogs…. or sauteed shrimp.  Dear teen daughter won’t touch sauce for pasta, onions and is allergic to mustard (one of the more unusual allergies!).  Mom would eat Thai or Indian every day–easier to cook flavorfully and still lo-cal, but Dad is starting to have a stomach issue with spice.  My philosophy: I will make A meal and you eat.  If you won’t eat it, get yourself something. Supermom has left the building.

That said, here’s something they’d all eat. Even the pickiest eaters in your house will like this momfare.  It’s a way to sneak in some protein for a great snack or side dish. 

I stumbled across this recipe from Global Table Adventures when looking for some dishes from Cameroon.  I teach Ethnic Cooking (at least this term) for the 7th and 8th graders in our co-op.  We mix cooking, geography and culture.  I’ve been challenging them with some foods they either never heard of (couscous) or never thought they’d like (lamb). In Cameroon, they often cook with “groundnuts” (as they call peanuts). In urban areas, you’d find croissants filled with groundnuts.  These, the teens will love.  The chicken with peanut sauce I also have planned–THAT will broaden their horizons.

Sasha Martin gracefully calls them croissants, but they are really crescent rolls filled with peanut butter.  You can make them super healthy using cresent rolls with no food dye (like those from Immaculate Baking Company) and all-natural peanut butter….or use the “regular” stuff (hey, this is a judgment-free zone!). 

Here is my try at them:


If you serve this, you have my permission to revel in your sophistication.  After all, it’s from Cameroon.

P.S. I hear this is great with Nutella, too.

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